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Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last

Powered by youth, led by Ludmila Christeseva

Ludmila Christeseva is an accomplished artist and curator, recognized for her commitment to amplifying female voices in the arts through various international projects.

In 2022, she courageously proclaimed, “I do not have the right to paint in the shadow of war!” Transforming her studio, Artten, into a refuge became an act of compassion—a sanctuary for displaced mothers and children from Ukraine.

Since then, Christeseva has led public textile workshops with a focus on producing camouflage nets to contribute to saving lives in Ukraine. Her initiative has resonated globally, illustrating powerful patterns of compassion, sisterhood, solidarity, and a shared desire for peace. Today, it stands recognized as a textile movement for peace, named “Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last.” Weaving with Christeseva has evolved into a means for many people who have lost homes and families to discover new friendships and find support for new hopes, dreams, possibilities, and overall well-being.

In 2023, Ludmila founded the NGO Artten Foundation, continuing her mission to weave for positive societal change. Diverse activities unfold at her artist studio on Artillerigatan 10 in Stockholm, hosting workshops, courses, and study circles.

Committed To Empowering Youth

A pivotal aspect of the Artten Foundation’s charitable endeavors is to empower youth participants by letting them organize and host public presentations at museums, fairs, and conferences. Our exhibitions and workshops are highly engaging, as we strive to exchange knowledge and experiences, contributing to the empowerment of women and children.


Committed To Empowering Women



Ludmila Christeseva has developed a broad professional network in Sweden and abroad. In her curatorial work, she weaves together different actors and disciplines enabling women to meet and support each other. Her institutional exhibitions include Armemuseum, Livrustkammaren, Nordiska Museum, Swedish Embassies around the world and collaborations with local cultural institutions.

In recognition of her significant impact and contributions in fostering inclusivity and allowing more people to experience the transformative power of art, Ludmila Christeseva was nominated for the Nelson Mandela Prize. Moreover, she won the prestigious Impact of the Year 2023 award by IHM Impact Awards, cementing her dedication to making a positive change through her artistic initiatives.


Gul&Blå: hela Sverige flätar, 2023

Livrustkammaren 2023

Workshops at Artten Gallery 2022

Hantverk som räddar Liv

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