Artten Foundation weaves

social integration,

resilience, and well-being into a powerful patterns of hope, optimism, and peace. Serving as a platform for community engagement, including refugees and youth, we use weaving to culturally interconnect experiences of pain, loss, and trauma. Through public inclusive workshops and presentations, we foster compassion and help each other navigate the hardships of war, loss, and loneliness. Our focus on learning, sustainability, inspiration, and mental well-being empowers us toward a brighter future.

Collective Weaving for Peace

Hela Sverige Flätar

Swedish citizens weave a 6 x 3 meter Swedish flag together with Ukrainian refugees to mark the 100th anniversary of Stadshuset, Stockholm City Hall, which is celebrated in 2023. The project facilitates integration and hundreds of people have participated in the creative journey across Sweden. 


Workshops across Sweden


Hours of Creativity

10mln +

People's hopes and aspirations


Meters of recycled textiles are utilized


Choose Donation Package


Contribute 70 SEK

Can provide 250 grams of yarn for the Ukrainian mother to knit a warm scarf for her child.


Contribute 350 SEK

Can provide knitting kits for two women, enabling them to cope with the trauma of war and loneliness through crafts.


Contribute 17 200 SEK

Can support a three-day community workshop with 15 women, providing them with the opportunity to learn and empower each other.


123-604 27 66

Contribute to a joint artwork Gul&Blå: hela Sverige flätar. Minimum donation is 20 SEK and you can choose between yellow and blue bands to write a peace greeting on.

About the Founder Ludmila Christeseva

Global Textile Movement for Peace and Freedom

Ludmila Christeseva is an accomplished artist and curator, recognized for her commitment to amplifying female voices in the arts through various international projects.

With the onset of the war in Ukraine, Christeseva took the lead in organizing public textile workshops focused on the production of camouflage nets. Her noble aim was to contribute to saving lives in Ukraine. During this period, she formed an art collective named “Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last,” consisting of Ukrainian refugee mothers and children who wove for peace.

In acknowledgment of her significant societal impact, bringing hope and optimism to those who lost families and homes, Ludmila Christeseva was nominated for the Nelson Mandela Prize. She achieved further acclaim by winning the prestigious Impact of the Year 2023 award from IHM Impact Awards, solidifying her dedication to making a positive change through her artistic initiatives.

Global Sisterhood

Committed To Empowering Women

Weaving and various crafts have historically not been viable sources of income for women across different generations and cultures. At Artten Foundation, we actively delve into the realms of fashion, crafts, and sustainability, aiming to foster sustainable sisterly relationships and empower women from diverse cultural disciplines. Our projects are thoughtfully designed as collaborative efforts among women, creating a powerful and supportive community of artists and creators.

Democracy and Gender Equality

We tackle patterns of exclusion, structural barriers, and unequal power relations. Our approach involves unique strategies to empower women and youths on a global scale. Through education, collaboration, and exhibitions, we aim to foster a more equitable and inclusive society.

Weaving Global Impact: Patterns of Empowerment, Solidarity, and Peace

Weaving projects


The project united women from Belarus and Turkey.


Presentation of "Light Saves Lives" during Stockholm Design Week.


Women across borders and restrictions crochet for peace.


The textile workshop at Oslo Freedom Forum.


Flash Mob at Modern Art Museum in Stockholm for Museums' Night.


Ukrainian and Swedish children painted a body of works for peace.

Made in Solidarity and Compassion

Suzani for Peace

The “Suzani for Peace” project amplifies women’s voices for peace through various artistic expressions. Women globally have joined the project, contributing their unique granny square designs to create a unified artwork titled “Solidarity.”


Turkish women are actively engaged in Suzani for Peace project.

United States

Documentary Film Production with female directors.


Curatorial strategies to bring visibility to Belarusian female artists.