Made in Solidarity

Weaving for Change Projects

Can We Weave Peace?

Interacting with children and their dreams during weaving workshops is both moving and crucial. Amid challenging world, their innocence and aspirations need protection. Weaving engages children in conversations about peace and uses collective weaving as a symbolic act of creating a brighter future together where diplomacy and democracy are the cornerstones. The project gives children the opportunity to engage in a dialogue and make their voices heard: "Let there not be war."

Gul&Blå: hela Sverige Flätar

The entire nations embarks on a creative journey filled with hope and optimism. Swedish citizens collaboratively weave a 6 x 3 meter Swedish flag alongside Ukrainian refugees, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Stadshuset, Stockholm City Hall, celebrated in 2023. With integration at its core, the project hosts workshops across various cities. Hundreds of participants have already contributed by writing peace messages on a textile band, intricately weaving it into a joint net. The next destination is Mariefred.

Suzani for Peace

Crafts serve as a powerful language for women to share their experience of being wives, sisters, and daughters to men they love and do not want to lose in war. Suzani for Peace is a cross-cultural collaboration with women advocating for peace. During the spring of 2023, women crocheted Granny Squares and sent them to Artten Gallery. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, Ukrainian refugees, mothers, and their sons assembled them into the word 'Solidarity.' The unique artwork will be showcased in New York, commemorating International Peace Day.

Solidarity Forum

Thousands of people around the world have joined our global textile movement, Crafts that Unite, Heal, and Last. Together with the Swedish Deputy Head of Mission Christian Kamill, we launched a Solidarity Weaving (SW) Forum in India on May 7th within the frames of the festival 'FUTURE PERFECT – Culture. Ukraine. Europe.' The act of weaving speaks of the importance of bringing people together and creating possibilities in the landscape of increased migration and armed conflicts.

Weaving New Opportunities

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