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Artten Foundation aims to inspire more people to explore the unifying power of crafts. Our public workshops require no special skills and are designed to empower everyone to harness inner creativity as a means of healing, uniting, and finding solace amidst adversity. 

We offer various ways to support us. You can participate in our corporate weaving and painting workshops or choose to book a corporate dinner prepared and served by Ukrainian refugees. By joining our peace efforts today, you can help preserve a truly unique public art heritage that carries the stories, dreams, and spirit of our time.

Contribute 70 SEK

Can provide 250 grams of yarn for the Ukrainian mother to knit a warm scarf for her child.

Contribute 350 SEK

Can provide knitting kits for two women, enabling them to cope with the trauma of war and loneliness through crafts.

Contribute 720 SEK

Can provide 2 nets for our textile workshops where we collectively weave camouflage nets, aiming to save the lives of husbands and sons in the war.

Contribute 17 200 SEK

Can support a three-day community workshop with 15 women, providing them with the opportunity to learn and empower each other.

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Meters of recycled textiles are utilized

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Our Values

Global Sisterhood

Committed To Empowering Women

Weaving and various crafts have historically not been viable sources of income for women across different generations and cultures. At Artten Foundation, we actively delve into the realms of fashion, crafts, and sustainability, aiming to foster sustainable sisterly relationships and empower women from diverse cultural disciplines. Our projects are thoughtfully designed as collaborative efforts among women, creating a powerful and supportive community of artists and creators.

Democracy and Gender Equality

We tackle patterns of exclusion, structural barriers, and unequal power relations. Our approach involves unique strategies to empower women and youths on a global scale. Through education, collaboration, and exhibitions, we aim to foster a more equitable and inclusive society.